Advanced Comfort Electrolysis


Intense Pulse Light/laser therapy works to reduce the quantity and thickness of unwanted hair. Selective Photothermolysis is the principle underlying most laser procedures. "Photo" refers to light, "thermo" refers to heat and "lysis" refers to damage or destruction. Selectivity implies that we can target specific structures without collateral damage to surrounding structures. With laser/light therapy, light energy becomes heated, and thermal diffusion to the hair follicle damages or destroys its capability to regenerate a new hair. The goal is to isolate damage to the follicle only and spare the epidermis and other skin structures from thermal damage.

We use an IPL (Intensed Pulse Light) machine in our facility and have seen excellent hair removal results especially in the underarm area, bikini, legs, forearms, etc. This machine is suitable for most skin and hair types; however, there are a few exceptions which will be discussed during the initial consultation with the laser techinician. For example, we advise our clients to refrain from sun exposure several weeks before and after the IPL treatment. Pricing is determined according to the areas being treated and the length of the session. Packages are available at a reduced price for specific areas.

It is important to note that laser/light therapy generally results in permanent hair reduction. While it does significantly remove much of the undesired hair in the area being treated, the goal with laser/light therapy is an overall improvement. An individual cannot expect to see 100% of the hair permanently removed; this is an unrealistic expectation. After the client has completed several laser/light therapy treatments, often it is beneficial to have the remaining hair removed by electrolysis.